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24 July 2005


--- Robert Merkin wrote:

in case you don't read my reply on Vleeptron ...

BRANDON!!!!!!!! WELCOME!!!!! HUAN YIN!!!! SELAMAT DATANG!!!! You are the First Person from the entire continent of ASIA to Leave A Comment on Vleeptron!!!
I am sending you a PIZZA shaped like the Continent of Asia!!! (I hope you like Anchovies.)

How the heck did you find Vleeptron??? If I'd known that I could get people from Asia here by posting about Virtual Toon Pixel Video Game Porn, I'd have
posted about it much earlier!!!

So ... like ... are you in Kuala Lumpur? Well ... I have a request to see someplace, like you said. (See my post a few days ago, just the Google advert for Google Earth. Do you like Google Earth?)

Can you send me images or a URL of a Cam or something of the OBSERVATION DECK AT THE TOP OF THE PETRONAS TOWER???

Also ...

1. Leave More Comments. Tell us Lots of Stuff about Malaysia and Singapore and Indonesia and Thailand and Brunei and Vietnam and -- what do you call it, Myanmar or Burma?!

(Is chewing gum still against the law in Singapore?)

Just speaking for myself, I don't get ANY first-hand news from your part of the world!

Well ... I know how ... but I'm trying to CURE MY ADDICTION TO INTERNET RELAY CHAT!

2. Tell everybody in Malaysia to read Vleeptron! And Leave Comments!

3. Say hi to Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for me! (He's still the PM, right?) Is he still mad at George Soros? What, exactly, did Soros do to the Malaysian Ringgit???



hi Robert,

no prob.

I found it through Technorati.. I was searching for people to share my ideas on the real-time entertainment thingy.

I am staying in a place called Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It is adjacent to Kuala Lumpur.
Yeah, my friend told me about GoogleEarth... and now everyone is doing free advertisment for Google huh..

Anyway, it is one of those software which i have always dream to develop one for myself.

I don't actually have the night time image for that... I would try to get it one day. In the mean time you can just enjoy some of my photo collections; as appreciation of photography art.

[VLEEPTRON ADVISORY: These are wonderful photos of Kuala Lumpur -- certainly as close as I've ever come to feeling as if I were there! Spend some time with Brandon Teoh's photos!]

Officially, we would call it Myanmar... some people are still confused with Burma.

Dr. Mahathir has since stepped down as the Prime Minister, taken over by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

George Soros - Everybody loves him. He is like a god to all those financial gig. What had he done to Malaysian currency ? I don't know. Nevertheless, Malaysia will be experimenting another round of economy breakdown soon, as the 10 years gap since 1997 is around the corner. Many would be affected again.

I will keep you in the contact list.

good day.

You cannot have Spartacus greatness when you were not a slave - Brandon Teoh


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