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26 April 2006

US Congress poised to sell the Internet to the telecom Fat Cats -- please sign petition QUICK!

The United States Congress is increasingly comfortable doing Nasty Corrupt Things in Total Secrecy, and the Nasty Secret Thing du Jour Congress is about to pass, after gorging itself on money and Free Nifty Stuff from giant telecommunications monopoly lobbyists from Comcast, Verizon and American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T, in Ancient Times better known as Bell Telephone) is a law which will fuck up the Internet as we've come to know and love it.

Right now Vleeptron (just as an example) can put its Dog & Pony Show on the Internet, and surfers around the world can click into Vleeptron just as quickly and easily as they can click on The New York Times or an agency of the U.S. Government.

If Congress passes this suck-ass corrupt new law, all the Big For-Profit websites will be able to buy Special Access Cadillac Escalade Express Limo Service to the Internet, and private citizen sites like Vleeptron and LastOneSpeaks (which alerted Vleeptron to this Piece-o-Shit Corrupt Bill, thanks Libby!) will get to drive the Information Superhighway in 1981 Fiats and Yugos, or be forced to hitchhike the InfoSuperHiway in the breakdown lane in winter because we can't afford the Premium Fees for the 1st Class Complementary Champagne Ride.

Read the following, and then click on and SIGN THE PETITION and please do it PDQ -- Pretty Darn Quick.

e-mail from Libby of the excellent blog LastOneSpeaks:

We need to blitz Congress tonight and tomorrow morning
so time is too short to fool around and forgive the
self promotion. I'm passing this on to everyone in
case you haven't heard about it.

Please read this post and act accordingly. If we don't
stop them, these idiots inside the beltway really are
going to screw up the internets.


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