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22 January 2006

will wonders never cease?

I think maybe if I try to Filch & Post this image, my computer will explode and so will yours, so instead here is just the Link. Click on the Link.

This is a Clickable Version of Minard's Graphic of the Grand Armee's Failed Conquest of Russia in 1812.

So you can skip the trip to the bibliotheque entirely, and let the Java Applets walk you every step of the way through one of the worst military disasters and catastrophes ordinary conscripted soldiers like me and Joe Schlobotnik and Kurt Vonnegut and Gruppe 47 have ever been subjected to against our wills. If you survived, I'm sure France made a new special medal for you. (They wouldn't have had to mint very many.) Until the Royalists came back, then you had to stop wearing the medal.

Dinner in a moment, at the moment I'm just trying to find the entire text that's at the top of the Minard Graphic. If you find it before I do -- the script is hard to read in all the images I've found so far -- SVP postez ici merci.


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