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04 January 2006

Vleeptron Musical Media's first song

Federal Prison,
Danbury, Connecticut USA

If you are a Band, and you can cook up a tune to this before I can, call me and we can talk about singing it. Or just filch it and write a tune to it and perform it and burn an .mp3 for everybody's iPods and make a shitload of money off it and then I'll hire a lawyer and sue the living crap out of you.

But I think the Surviving Members of Hanoi Rocks could do a fine job with this song (now currently only a poem), and give it the right spirit, considering that the nation they live in (when they're not on the road in a toilet bowl) has about 400 prisoners and likes to keep that kind of incarceration shit really low (they were neighbors of the superpower GulagLand for half a century). TMBG would grok this song. Manu Chau would grok this song, he speaks every lingo on Earth.

Anyway, Jump Ball -- anybody who wants to sing this song can, but if you make money off it, I want The Lyricist's Share. And don't end up with six different tunes, just somebody write one tune and stick with that one. I'm working on a MIDI as fast as I can. Contact

Vleeptron Musical Media
210339643 Primzahlsatzstraße (Upstairs in the Back)
Ciudad Vleeptron
(Poortown Parva)
Vleeptron 7AQ-P3391AA-0099

copyright (c) 2006 by Robert Merkin, All Rights Reserved


Let's let

just lyrics so far by Robert Merkin

Let's let two hundred
fifty thousand
non-violent humans out of jail

If they're addicted to weird-ass shit
let's send 'em to a hospital instead

cause while they sit in prison
the staff sells them drugs
that's nastier than the shit they came in with

Why are so many black people
in our prisons?
What up with all those Hispanics too?
Are Indians vanishing in the USA?
no they're just in prison
where you can't see them

Did each of them make
A personal Choice
to Be Evil?

Women! They're throwing all the
Women! into prisons,
they're the fastest-growing segment
of American prisoners!

(cross between mournful Nuevo Tango and Barbershop Quartet)
dangerous criminal women
millions of them
dangerous criminal females
millions of them

Let's let two hundred
fifty thousand
non-violent human beings out of
scum-sucking Public Health Toxic

Let's do it in '06
and see what happens

Will they eat
an American Heritage Girl?
Let's do it in '06
and see what happens

If I tell you they're your sisters and your brothers
You probably think I'm full of shit
because you know fucking-A well
they're not your sisters and brothers
They're just your Cousin Larry and your Aunt Matildhe
once removed
and she and Uncle Todd got a divorce

But she's in for nine more
and Grandma Sonya's

We're TOUGH on crime!
We're TOUGH on drugs!
We're PAYING ninety-six dollars
per day to keep each of them in the can
they're not WORKING
they're not paying TAXES
We're TOUGH!
We're TOUGH!
We're BROKE! but
We're TOUGH!

Will they sodomize some nuns?
Will they write checks on insufficient funs?
Let's do it in '06
and see what happens

Oh the Land of the Free --
we got more prisoners than Russia
we got more prisoners than China

we got two point three million
and men
behind bars
in America


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