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03 January 2006

sorry about the sacrilege

VLEEPTRON wishes to apologize for intentionally displaying "George Washington Crossing the Delaware," by Emanuel Leutze, flipped left-right backwards. Did any of you notice this? One of the most famous of all American images, and the dude is crossing the Delaware River in the wrong direction. Perhaps changing his mind on Christmas morning and deciding not to try to attack the Hessians in New Jersey after all. Or maybe this is After The Victory, George is heading back to Valley Forge to chase Martha around the parlour.

To atone for this sacrilege (Custer's Last Stand was displayed left-right kosher), Vleeptron will step up to the Karaoke microphone and sing.

Washington at Valley Forge
Freezing cold
Then up spoke George, he said:
Vo-do-dee-oh doooooooe

Crazy words, crazy tune
All that I can croon and spoon is
Vo-do-dee-oh doooooooe

On his ukelele
He would strum
beedle-beedle-um bum

(I forget the rest)

(circa 1925, with raccoon coat, Stutz Bearcat, and ukelele. Flaming Youth, excuse my dust.)


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