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05 December 2005

He's alive and back home. See his face. Learn a new German word.

Khaled Masri / al-Masri / el Masri

Photo from /
(Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), Germany's public television network.

Die Münchener Staatsanwaltschaft hat im Entführungsfall des deutschen Staatsbürgers Khaled El Masri ein offizielles Rechtshilfeersuchen an die mazedonische Regierung auf den Weg gebracht. Nach Frontal21-Informationen bittet die Staatsanwaltschaft in dem Schreiben um Aufklärung, welche Rolle die mazedonischen Sicherheitskräfte bei der Entführung gespielt haben.

Vleeptron's Translator Robot ( ) spews out the best it can do from the text accompanying the photo:

The Münchener district attorney's office brought Khaled el Masri in the kidnapping case of the German citizen an official right aid that which is sought at the Macedonian government on the way. After Frontal21-Informationen, the district attorney's office in the letter asks for clarification, which played role the Macedonian security forces in the kidnapping.


Blogger U.B. said...

All vleeptrons,
the incedent is taken very serious.Former minister Schily is still a member of parliament -our new minister of the interior W. Schäuble-the one in the weehlchair looking a little like Dr.Strangelove -says his ministry is reconstructing what had happend.Of course Schily gets under pressure.What is amazing Schily had been a first class lawyer and defender of RAF terrorist as a young man had joined the green party and very quickly changed again to become a member of the social democrats.He had been a defender of personal freedom and civil rights for a long time until he became minister of the interior.From then on he became a hardliner.His last act was to get the biometric passport on the way.As it turned out forced by pressure of the US.However what did he do wrong ...he had thight bonds to the US all his life and was always very fond of America.And now the Washington Post puts him on the roast.That is no coincidence.Maybe Conzeela can tell on Tueday when she´s in Berlin whats up.?
However the case will be discussed.U.B.

Blogger U.B. said...

Süddeutsche Zeitung:
The investigating Munich attoreny had informed the govermentabout his investigations and asked for help and confirmation of the case.The BND
(Secret Service)confirmed the kidnapping.
The thing is getting some speed.U.B.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

The new American phrase for "Will the press and the public spontaneously become interested in this scandal?" (rather than be bored with it and turn to another channel) is:

"Will it grow legs?"

Whether a story grows legs or everybody gets bored is a mysterious kind of magic, nobody can ever predict the whims of the public.

My image search for a photo of Khaled Masri first returned 200 photos of a famous fashion designer before it returned this one photo from 2df. Even with my crappy deutsches, it is clear 2df thinks this is a very important story. (Sign me up to subscribe to 2df, and when I choose hotels, first I ask: Does the room TV get 2df?)

At this moment in history, Euro nations are grappling with this question: Are our Muslim citizens 100% the same kind of citizens as our non-Muslim citizens? Do Muslim citizens enjoy all the rights and protections of non-Muslim citizens?

This must surely be The Acid Test: What must the government of a sovereign nation do when some Black Hood Squad kidnaps one of its citizens? So far there are two government answers:

Otto: Nothing. We keep our mouths shut. There are Bigger Issues here than what happens to one unlucky schmuck.

Münchener Staatsanwaltschaft: We are investigating this Entführung of one of our citizens.

I wonder which answer will prevail, I wonder who will win. Personally Vleeptron thinks if the Münchener Staatsanwaltschaft wins, everybody wins. If Otto wins, everybody loses. Citizenship becomes cheaper. Passport becomes as valuable as bus schedule.

Blogger U.B. said...

I don´t think that the attorney will turn the case down.What he is going to win or who is going to prosecute later , we´ll see.Two days before the news about the kidnapping came up the head of the german islamic confederation offered himself as a hostage in exchange for Susanne Osthoff kidnapped by some gangs in Iraq.Seen in the context the news about the CIA fishing people makes the thing even worse.So far we are in a state of govermental denial playing it low.But this could be a turning point if it is all true.
And I am sure the religion and race wont matter if it comes to defending civil rights.
The PAX AMERICANA wont work the way CIA thinks.What happened means less tourists and less
loyality for America.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Oh man, I don't want to get Too Profound here -- actually I think I am being Totally Pragmatic and Meat-and-Potatoes -- but the Tourism Thing.

Khaled al-Masri's troubles started when he was down on his luck with employment and family troubles and he just wanted to Take A Trip from Ulm, Germany to Macedonia. He probably wanted to get a little closer to the music and the food and the social life that he knew best, he was probably going where he had family. My Remote Viewing Powers see a picture of a guy taking a very long cheap bus trip.

Each time any Earth Resident is foolish or brave enough to cross a national border, it's another Surprise Opportunity for the Customs/Douanes and the Black Hood Squad to examine his/her passport and visa and check the spelling of his/her name against databases, Watch Lists, etc.

Well, that's all Nice and Good for catching Osama bin Ladin and his al-Qaida associates.

But this time (because at least two CIA local officials were on holiday) the Black Hood Squad managed to bag an ordinary doofus joe -- like the squashed fly guts that changed TUTTLE to BUTTLE.

I can't emphasize enough: This Could Happen To Anyone.

Believe it or not, one US Airport pulled US Senator Ted Kennedy out of the line and into an office and gave him a hard time for an hour last year. The Chief Federal Homeland Security Moron apparently did not know who one of the most famous politicians in America was, and was Very Slow to make a phone call to Headquarters to verify Sen. Kennedy's identity and bona fides.

When my brother drove over the Canada border to join us at the theater festival a few years ago, the Canada guards gave him a half-hour of Questions Questions Questions. Okay, so he had a scruffy beard and was skinny and was driving alone and has (I guess, maybe) a semitic nose, but he is not exactly a Doppleganger of Osama. Or at least after four polite questions and maybe one phone call, they should be able to figure out that my brother is not a Terrorist.

It's a Big United Nations Deal: The right of people to travel outside their own country is a fundamental Human Right, and any country, USA or Canada or a Euro country, that starts making this right into a Nightmare is doing more than Protecting Our Security. They are chilling the Human Right of Freedom to Travel.

Will it hurt tourism? You bet! It already has! Ask anybody in the tourist or hotel business, in Europe, in North America, in Beirut, in Cairo. Nobody wants to give the Black Hood Squad an easy opportunity for a Free 5-Month Trip to Afghanistan or Romania. People are saying: "Hmmmm ... maybe I don't want to see the Pyramids THAT much."

We've been talking about "Brazil" and "1984," but we forget to mention the creepiest Prophet of all: Kafka. Kafka and his government bureacrats are triumphing all over the world, and if the fly guts turn you from Tuttle into Buttle, or mix the unemployed al-Masri with the fashion designer Masri ... tough luck, pal, you were the jerk who didn't stay home but wanted to take the bus trip across 5 national borders. You asked for it.


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