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04 December 2005

AHHHH, Oh God ... No, don't ... UHH, please ... I ... STOP!! I can't stand ... AIIEEEE.

from the draft screenplay of "Brazil," by Terry Gilliam, Tom Stoppard and Charles McKeown.


SAM presses the button for the 50th floor. The lift doors
close on him and the CHARLADY. From somewhere far away
there is the groaning shriek of a man in pain. SAM glances
around the lift. There appears to be an air conditioning
vent in the ceiling.

SAM glances enquiringly at the CHARLADY who merely smiles
at him. Another scream is heard.

What's that?

The CHARLADY smiles again.

Doesn't that disturb you?

The CHARLADY fiddles with something in her ears and pulls
out a pair of wax earplugs.

Beg your pardon?

The lift arrives.


The lift arrives. SAM steps out. The CHARLADY remains in
the lift. The doors close. SAM heads down surgically clean
white-tiled corridor.

Passing a white-coated TECHNICIAN monitoring what appears
to be electric meters, SAM comes to a door with 5001.
Above the door a red light is glowing. SAM knocks. The red
light goes out and a green light comes on. SAM enters.

71 INT. ROOM 500l DAY 71

Inside there is a connecting door to he next door room but
the only person in the immediate room is a pleasant-
looking FEMALE typist, wearing headphones, chewing gum and
typing with great facility. SAM approaches the TYPIST who,
busily typing, twinkles a greeting (mimed) and silently
mouths the words ...

It won't be long now.
(she carries on typing)

SAM nods, and stands quietly by her. He can hear tiny
sounds coming through her headphones. He looks down at the
piece of paper in the typewriter. He reacts a bit
strangely, perhaps even winces. We see he close up of the
words being struck crisply on paper.

AHHHH, Oh God ... No, don't ... UHH,
please ... I ... STOP!! I can't stand

(quietly, still typing)
Can I help you?

She is looking at SAM helpfully, holding one of the
earphones away from her ear. From this earphone we can
just hear quietly ...

Oooooooh ... aaaaaahhh ... please ...
arrrrrghhhh no ... please ... Oh God,
No ... No, stop, I don't know ...

I'm looking for Officer 412/L.

The TYPIST nods smiling. She puts back the earphone and
carries on typing.

I'm sure he won't be long now.

She types a little more but suddenly stops.

I thought so!

She takes off the earphones and takes the paper and
carbonums out of her typewriter and starts collating all
the different copies.

Through the frosted glass door leading into the next area,
SAM can see a FIGURE come through a double door and turn
left, making a silly 'hi' sign to the TYPIST as he exits
from sight. She is charmed. Almost immediately after them,
a white-coated TECHNICIAN exits, but to the left.

You can go in now.


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