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19 November 2005

Attu sees Too Much

ATTU SEES ALL is, Vleeptron is sorry to report, a blog with utterly no redeeming social value. The previous post about the rising prison population in Turkey came from Attu. Attu seems, as far as we can figure out, to be some sort of Islamic frat boy. We can't find his blog profile. We don't know where he is or anything about him.

If Vleeptron has been disappointing you with a relative absence of female nudity, Attu is The Man, Attu will set you straight. Attu is particularly fond of "Spring Break" girls in thongs.

He is also an infinite source of important news about Planet Earth. Like this brand of bottled spring water.

I really like Attu a lot. I just wouldn't want to live anywhere near him. Or reach into his backpack for a bottle of spring water.


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