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18 September 2005

Nintendo's Snazzamatastic New Doohickey! Totally Awesome!

The Amazing
New Doohickey

If you are a regular visitor to Planet Vleeptron, you will have observed that The Sacred Missions of Vleeptron are to

* end all war

* eliminate nuclear weapons

* free most prisoners

* save all Cetaceans

* save the endangered seabirds from Giant Mutant Predator Mice

* save the human race from the impending South American Plague of Canadian Beavers

* advocate for justice and human rights

* discuss and post images of the world's most sublime ancient Art

* celebrate the greatest achievements in world literature

* defend women's reproductive freedoms

* appoint George W. Bush Jr. immediately and permanently to be the USA's Ambassador to the Moon

* yadda yadda (ou en francais:) yaddeux yaddeux

Now let us Compare these Sublime Humanitarian Goals with the interests of Vleeptron's readers who Leave A Comment, and what they Leave A Comment about.

(btw I love Every Last One of You Who Leaves a Comment. Comment-Leavers Rock My World.)

Apparently, Vleeptron's readers get thrilled, excited and All Shook Up Bigtime (Grosse-Zeit) about Big News about Hidden Secret Video Game Porn.

Well, okay -- me too. It's lovely to decode and discover Ghastly Sick Violent Nihilistic Porn whose subjects don't actually exist, but are composed entirely of long strings of zeros and ones.

Here's Vleeptron's Fave Video Game Porn Stars doing something Absolutely Mega-Perverted & Verboten which is Totally Impossible for mere Living Mortals to do, even if they go to Kaliningrad with a huge wad of U$$$$$:


(E-mail me privately & I'll send you the decoding Mod or Hack or Whatever so you can see it. You won't BELIEVE what these guys and babes and zebras and cockroaches are DOING!!! And For God's Sake, don't show it to Hillary Rodham Clinton, or the Party's Over!!!)

And we don't have much time left to enjoy Non-Existent Toon Pixel Virtual Digital Nasty Video Game Porn -- not if Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes the next President of the United States.

So I give up. The heck with Human Rights and the Earth's environment. The heck with the Giant Mutant Predator Mice. The heck with Truth and Beauty.

Vleeptron's new motto:

Just give the folks
what they're screaming for.

Well -- sorry, no Virtual Digital Toon Pixel Porn today, BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's HUGE BIG EXCITING NEWS from the world of Video Gaming!


And if you CLIQUEZ ICI, you can see about TEN MORE PICTURES OF IT!!! You can Overdose on your next Video Game Hand Controller!

The coolest thing about it, apparently, is that you can control your Donkey Kong or Mario Brothers or Zelda JUST BY WIGGLING THE THING AROUND IN THE AIR!

Yes, the Doohickey has a few buttons -- but with Nintendo new games, You Shake The Awesome Rad Phat New Hand Controller, and then Donkey Kong jumps around and bites Granny in the Ass!!!

Is that cool or what?

Okay, Vleeptron gave you what you've been screaming for. Now Leave A Comment. If you don't Leave A Comment, Bob will be Sad, and will reproduce more 52-page Supreme Court decisions. I'm sure Vleeptron can find the Dred Scott Decision around here somewhere. Or Marbury v. Madison. You'll be sorry.


Blogger pat's pub said...

Now here's something you might find very interesting (nicked from and proving that arcade games do not have to be stuid, sexist or just plain violent

Sony prepares Pythagorean puzzler

Developers of Wild Arms series working on action-tinged brainteaser, Mawaza.
A new page is up on Sony's official Japanese PlayStation site to plug the company's upcoming PlayStation 2 action-puzzler, Mawaza. The site features a handful of screenshots, some character descriptions, and some gameplay footage that goes over the basic rules of the game.
Mawaza sees players take control of a character on levels populated by a number of floating spheres. Players create shapes in triangular segments by running between the spheres, and clear levels by swinging these shapes into one another in increasingly elaborate combos that open the path to complete each level.

Developed by Media Vision (of Wild Arms fame and Sneakers infamy), Mawaza is due in Japanese stores in October, with no word on a North American release as of yet.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

[sincerity ON!]

Wow! I want it!!!

will they make a version for X-Box? me and SWMBO got the X-Box

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

oh and while i got you on the line ...

can you tell us anything about Switzerland's nuclear weapons program???

that was as big a Surprise to moi as how Napoleon swallowed Switzerland for breakfast. Now I got to go to Helvetia ... (also I want to see the famous Gnomes of Zurich, I love Gnomes)


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