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16 September 2005

everybody wants to join The Club

Water test Baker of atomic bomb
at Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands,
Pacific, summer 1946.

The Club

Modified slightly from

This site has many more details on each nation's situation, history and program, including nations who have the technology to develop nuclear weapons, but have so far declined to do so.

Any nation which possesses nuclear power plants and the other necessary technological infrastructure can very swiftly -- certainly within two years -- choose to manufacture fission bombs.

There were some surprises here for me. Sweden? Switzerland? (Hey! Pat's Pub! What the etc.??)

Also -- did Brazil want to drop nuclear weapons on Argentina? Did Argentina want to drop nuclear weapons on Brazil? I need to start paying a Lot More Attention to South America!

Notice how big The Club is.

Declared States which possess nuclear weapons

* United States
* Russia
* Britain
* France
* China
* India
* Pakistan

States Suspected of Possessing Nuclear Weapons

* Israel
* Iran
* North Korea
* Libya

States Formerly Possessing or Pursuing Nuclear Weapons

* Argentina
* Brazil
* Iraq
* South Africa
* South Korea
* Sweden
* Switzerland
* Taiwan
* Algeria
* Former Soviet States
* Ukraine
* Kazakhstan
* Belarus

Other Nuclear Capable States

* Australia
* Canada
* Germany
* Japan
* Netherlands


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