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09 August 2005

Board ship in LISBOA, see world, dine with beautiful women, speak Portugues, teach history to kid

Good Grief!!! The Director is 94 Years Old!!!

Um Filme Falado (2003)
Written and Directed by Manoel de Oliveira

Drama / Comedy

Manoel de Oliveira’s A TALKING PICTURE is the story of a young history professor, Rosa Maria (Leonor Silveira), and her 7 year-old daughter Maria Joana (Filipa de Almeida) on a bucolic cruise through the Mediterranean Sea. With the intention of joining her husband in Bombay, India, for a family vacation, Rosa has decided to acquire first-hand knowledge of -- and introduce her daughter to -- historical sites at the various cities along their journey.

Starting in their homeland Portugal and moving through Marseilles (France), the ruins of Pompeii (Italy), Ceuta (Spanish Morocco), Athens (Greece), the pyramids of Egypt and Istanbul (Turkey), Rosa narrates to her young daughter some of the most important events in Western history.

Meanwhile on the cruise, Rosa and Maria eventually befriend three famous women of different nationalities: a renowned French executive (Catherine Deneuve), a former Italian model (Stefania Sandrelli) and a celebrity Greek actress (Irene Papas). Dining with the ship’s captain (John Malkovich), an American of Polish origin, all four passengers exchange pieces of their past while talking about the legacies of Western history -- each speaking in his or her native languages.

But the curious tourists are forced to stop discussing the rhetoric of tradition and history when a strange threat disturbs the cruise, menacing the ship and the life of all of its passengers.

* * * * *

In his 94th year, Portuguese filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira offers a thoughtful, comic and ultimately troubling meditation on civilization. In the first of two story lines set on board a cruise ship, an elegant professor (Leonor Silveira) and her young daughter (Filipa de Almeida) sail from Lisbon to India, visiting some places of historical legend. In the second, three women (Irene Pappas, Stefania Sandrelli and Catherine Deneuve) engage in a lively multilingual debate with the ship's captain (John Malkovich). "Sublime" -- The Guardian.


Leonor Silveira .... Rosa Maria
Filipa de Almeida .... Maria Joana
John Malkovich .... Comandante John Walesa
Catherine Deneuve .... Delfina
Stefania Sandrelli .... Francesca
Irene Papas .... Helena
Luís Miguel Cintra .... Actor Português
Michel Lubrano di Sbaraglione .... Pescador
François Da Silva .... Cliente do Pescador
Nikos Hatzopoulos .... Padre Ortodoxo
Antònio Ferraiolo .... Cicerone Pompeia
Alparslan Salt .... Cicerone Museu de Santa Sophia
Ricardo Trepa .... Oficial
David Cardoso .... Oficial
Júlia Buisel .... Amiga de Delfina

Also Known As:
A Talking Picture (International: English title)
Film parlato, Un (Italy)
Un film parlé (France)
Runtime: 96 min
Country: Portugal / France / Italy
Language: Portuguese / French / Italian / English / Greek

(Nyet Problema! They're all Indo-European lingos!)

Color, Dolby Digital

Certification: Brazil: 12 / Portugal: M/12

Won Signis Award, nominated for Golden Lion.


Blogger Joana said...

Have you seen it?? he's directing another one!

Hmmm and it's Lisboa not Lisbao ;)

In the cast:

Ricardo Trepa is Manoel de Oliveira's grandson( just out of curiosity)

Did you like the stamps»?»»

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

I made 1 lousy spelling/typing error! I've been spelling Lisboa correctly on Vleeptron dozens of times! Check the archives! You really ARE a teacher, aren't you? How many points did you take off with your Red Pencil?

Ah, ah, the Stamps! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! He was absolutely right to keep them in the Suisse Safety Deposit Box! I am "carving up" your image to separate the stamps, because I have some things to say about a few of them.

Meanwhile -- don't glue them to envelopes to pay your Internet bill!!!

Don't use safety deposit box in Marseilles. When the bank opened on Monday morning, they found all the boxes drilled open, everybody's cash and jewels gone (French people keep their cash in safety deposit boxes, they think that is safer than Paying Taxes) -- but the thieves had taped one depositor's precious rare Porno Photo Collection to the walls, so the thieves would have pretty women to look at while they drilled open all the safety deposit boxes!

Then 400 bank customers had to tell les Gendarmes: "No, that was not my porno collection. I don't know whose that was. And I didn't have any cash in my box. Just ... uhhh ... my toothbrush, that was all I had in the box."

These USA stamps are of the right era -- look carefully for old USA Air Mail stamp, with old biplane flying Upside-Down. If you find it -- TELEPHONE ME IMMEDIATELY! Then pick island in South Pacific or Mediterranean or Caribbean for our retirement. Or two islands, for being somewhere else during hurricane/taifun season.

The wonderful thing about the Malkovich/Deneuve/Pappas movie is that Everybody's Speaking His/Her Own Lingo ... and Nobody's Embarrassed or Ashamed, especially not the Director!

I love it when the Ship Captain (Malkovich) leans over to the little Portuguese girl and says (just like I do): "Well, my Portuguese is terrible, but ..." and then he speaks Portugues to her! The movie is Eavesdropper's Paradise!

I think I mentioned earlier that in her family, Catherine Deneuve was the Ugly Sister.

Blogger Joana said...

I have one!! a 2 dollar one. green.
Now what?


ik bin reich wie Rothschild?

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

No, not as rich as Rothschild ... but your worries about your Old Age ... at least the worries about money ... are over. Sleep soundly. Dream of being carried through the streets of the city on a litter by eight very handsome young athletic men of your choosing. The upside-down airplane ... waitasec, let me see, I think I have the image somewhere.


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