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31 July 2005

odds for finding a blue lobster: 1 in 2,000,000

DespicableTeacher wrote:

Ain't he cute??


Posted 19 August 2003
Sea Sabres Scuba Diving club, Southern California

Come see a blue lobster!
He's one in 2,000,000

NEW CASTLE, N.H. -- A rare blue lobster has been caught off the New Hampshire coast. Ricker Lobster Company said the lobster was caught Saturday off the Isles of Shoals. The company plans to give it to the Seacoast Science Center in Rye.

Two years ago, another blue lobster turned up about 80 miles off the coast of Kittery. The odds of finding a blue lobster are about one in 2 million.

Another article from 6 February 2001

Seabrook Station's Science & Nature Center is the new home for Chilly Willy, a very rare blue lobster. Marine scientists believe a genetic condition causes the blue pigmentation, seen in only about one in 2,000,000 lobsters.

The male blue lobster came from the Gulf of Maine where a lobsterman pulled him up in a trap. Originally, the lobster was donated to the Children's Museum in Portland, Maine, but because of his aggressiveness, a new home had to be found. Now Willy has found a permanent home at the Science & Nature Center. Please stop by soon and visit with our new blue friend.


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