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30 July 2005

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Jim Olson said...

Bob, I knew I liked you.

I have never liked Hilary, and I've always wanted to know what she knew about Travel-gate and Vince Foster's "suicide". Frankly, I think she's the brains behind the scene, and knew all about Travel-gate, and the Whitewater shady deal.

Thanks for the flattery, and please forgive Vleeptron for taking a little more time to reply.

Pat's Pub's query about what the heck is going on in American politics right now ... that was fairly easy to answer. Fear is very human, very understandable, and the silly or sad things people do when they're frightened out of their wits are very human.

But Hillary Clinton isn't scared, and the things she's done and the things she's doing now aren't ordinary human responses to fear and confusion.

Hillary Clinton is just a self-serving greedy acquisitive power-hungry Yuppie lawyer who's looking for any sleazy way to make herself more and more powerful, and she's never cared who else has to suffer so she can keep climbing.

Being the wife of a man who was President of the United States for (despite an unsuccessful impeachment) eight years gives her the most Name Recognition in American politics, and she's now trying to parlay her Name Recognition into the White House.

That's nice. Wanting to be President is a very American ambition.

What's not nice is that Hillary Clinton intends to do it entirely without ethics or morals or concern about the pain and suffering of anyone else on Earth -- just as she's always done everything in her public life. She also lacks any fundamental wisdom or mercy or sense of justice -- components which Bill Clinton had, to a reasonable or identifiable degree, while he was President.

I was deeply unhappy that the Democrats nominated John Kerry in 2004. There's not much reason to retro-bash him now, he lost, Bush got four more years in the White House, and the whole Planet Earth is suffering bigtime.

But while Kerry was the only realistic hope against Bush, I felt compelled to keep my big mouth shut about Kerry's gaping flaws, loopiness, inadequacy, and his bizarre attempt to resurrect his bizarre career as a U.S. Navy combat officer in the Vietnam War into something proud and heroic. He was trying, then, and in 2004, to create a War Hero Legend for himself like the World War II combat achievements of John F. Kennedy. It was part Silly, part Lies, part anti-Asian genocide, part post-Colonial Gunboat Imperialism, and All Crap.

I kept my big mouth shut throughout the Kerry Campaign -- remember the motto of all Americans of good will: ANYBODY BUT BUSH -- but it couldn't help Kerry win the presidency.

The real Villain in American politics right now is the leadership of the Democratic Party, which is addicted to picking total loser fools to run incompetently against focused and politically competent, even politically talented Republican candidates.

And it looks like they're poised to do it all over again by giving the 2008 nomination to Hillary Clinton.

I'm deeply hoping for a GOOD woman president. Electing a GOOD woman president will do miracles for maturing American politics.

But I don't have the slightest desire to see a Dangerous, Unethical Fool Scoundrel in the White House just because she'd be the first woman president. Any woman reading this who thinks differently, who thinks President Hillary would do wonders for America and wonders for women: Please Leave a Comment.

Travel-gate, Vince Foster, Whitewater -- I don't know any Inside Skinny on these controversies. But you're right to point them out, because of the systematic way Hillary Rodham Clinton steps into these shitpiles and sleazes her way out of them, so evasively, so weasely, so slippery.

Well. There are two kinds of lawyers. Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer -- and a damn successful and damn fine lawyer, too.

And then there's the Hillary Clinton kind of lawyer. An unethical lawyer who'll do unethical things for unethical people and unethical causes, as long as she gets paid lots of money, and helped along with her megalomaniacal political ambitions.

Together, Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush Jr. are the epitome of the contemporary collapse of American political leadership. In a nation which has known George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln, both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, Harry S Truman and Jimmy Carter, this is our current Republican and Democratic leadership cesspool: George Bush and Hillary Clinton.

We're an Open Society, we're a Democratic Republic, we vote. So somehow, this must be what we wanted. These must be the scoundrels and fools we wanted.

It's just pathetic and shameful to have to believe there's nobody in either major party substantially better, wiser, more moral and more ethical, more dedicated to justice and citizens' rights, than these recent candidates and recent presidents. We've got Republican shit in the White House now, and the Democrats are promising to save America by putting their indistinguishable brand of shit in the White House in 2008.



Anonymous Jim Olson said...

Perhaps someday, these things will be pleasant to remember indeed.

In the mean-time, I completely agree with you. Hillary is as crooked and unethical, as The Chimperor, but twice as smart which makes her really dangerous.

Virgil was an optimist.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Here's your Blue Ribbon for Latin Translation, congratulations!

That HÆC OLIM thing was on my mind because last weekend was my n_th High School Reunion in Washington DC (where n > 10 ), and I blew it off, I didn't go.

HÆC OLIM MEMINISSE IUVABIT was the motto of my High School. Well ... it's been n years now, and I have still not started rejoicing to remember those things.

It is indeed from The Æneid. After losing half his crew in the whirlpool and monster Scylla and Charybdis (between the Toe of the Italian boot, and Sicily), Æneas and his Trojan fugitives are shipwrecked on the coast of North Africa. They're sick, exhausted, terrified, starving, there's no fresh water, and the only thing they know about this Terra Incognita is that it's infested with cannibals, who will come screaming over the dunes carrying salt, pepper, knives, forks, ketchup and Miracle Whip at any instant. Crew morale is at an all-time Low.

So Æneas (a real jerk) stands up and gives his Pep Talk: FORSAN HÆC OLIM MEMINISSE IUVABIT.

Where do I go for help with my weird addiction to diphthongs? My entire œuvre is filled with them.


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