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06 July 2005

ain't no harm to have a little taste but don't lose your cool start messing up the man's place

The other day I mentioned that I hang on an e-List which, for Safety Purposes, I shall call cheapkewldrugz4everybody, a global political reform community of visionary thinkers who advocate, in the words of the 20th century American philosopher and theologian Ray Charles:

Let's Go Get Stoned!
by Ray Charles

Let's go get stoned! Yeah ...
Oh ... Let's go get stoned!
Let's go get stoned!
Oh ... Let's go get stoned!

Now wait a minute ...

You know my baby, she won't let me in
I've Got a few pennies
Gonna buy myself a bottle of gin
Gonna call my buddy on the telephone
And say: Let's go get stoned!

Now listen ...

You know I work so hard
All day long
Everything I try to do
Seem to always turn out wrong
That's why I wanna stop by
On my way home and say:
Let's go get stoned!

Now let me tell ya one more thing ...

Ain't no harm
To have a little taste
But don't lose your cool
Start messing up the man's place

Ain't no harm
To take a little nip
But don't ya fall down
And bust your lip

Mmmmmm ... no ... no

Let's go get stoned!
Oh ... Let's go get stoned!

I think everybody ought to come on and go with me

Let's go get stoned!
Oh ... Let's go get stoned!

I'm gonna tell ya one more time what i'm gonna do ...

Let's go get stoned!
Oh ... Let's go get stoned!

(We also want to stop wearing clothes. You can already do that legally, part of the way, in public anywhere in Ontario, Canada, but it's not recommended for January and February.)

One of Vleeptron's very first posts
celebrated a rare little USA Justice and Sanity triumph -- a Federal Lawsuit was settled in such a way that big-city subway and bus systems can no longer refuse to sell ad space to Marijuana Reform Ads. The Ads (by a nifty group just up the pike from me called Change The Climate) don't make ads that push pot on kids the way the Alcohol Beverage Industry makes a gazillion sexy seductive ads to get kids to drink liquor.

Change the Climate's ads say something much more threatening:

Reform the Krazy Whacky Pot Laws.
Get Rid of the Psycho Foot-Shooting Racist Laws.

Call your Member of Congress and
demand he/she vote for wiser, more sane drug laws.

Defeat Hard-Ass Prison-Happy Drug Warrior
Politicians, put them out of a job this Election Day.

So you can see why city and state transportation systems didn't want any of their rider patrons to see those ads. Congress stopped giving federal subway and bus subsidy money to any transit system that ran Change the Climate's ads.

The federal courts, after years of ferocious litigation, finally said: That's an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment guaranteeing free political speech, Congress can't do that.

The link in that old post has gone dead, but check this out (while you also leisurely surf around in Change the Climate and see what they're all about). THEY GOT A NIFTY NEW ANIMATED CARTOON TV THINGIE!!! When you get there, click on


Oh, did I mention my e-List
cheapkewldrugz4everybodynaked also advocates for free health care, drug addiction treatment on demand, subsidized cheap rent for seniors and novelists, and very inexpensive loud raucous parties that last at least three days and nights and have live musicians playing nihilistic punk and math rock? With lots of Nachos and Utz's Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips? It's Grandma Utz's original old-fashioned recipe. The reason they taste so wonderful is because Grandma Utz boiled the potato slices in Lard. No jive, they're really delicious. You could just eat Grandma Utz's potato chips until you die.


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