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18 May 2005

For people will always be kind

Left by DespicableTeacher as a Comment. It should take its place here, up high, with our other recycled old war poems, they are all needed again now. I wish they weren't. But they are. We have chosen to give our young men and women another great chance at noble patriotic sacrifice. That's how it looks going in.

Here's how it looked coming out.


Does it Matter?

by Siegfried Sassoon
(from Counter-Attack)

DOES it matter?--losing your legs?...
For people will always be kind,
And you need not show that you mind
When the others come in after hunting
To gobble their muffins and eggs.

Does it matter?--losing your sight?...
There's such splendid work for the blind;
And people will always be kind,
As you sit on the terrace remembering
And turning your face to the light.

Do they matter?--those dreams from the pit?...
You can drink and forget and be glad,
And people won't say that you're mad;
For they'll know you've fought for your country
And no one will worry a bit.


Blogger Joana said...

BTW, the site where I took the sassoon poem from is the following:

It also has paintings of the war scenes


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