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09 October 2005

Ganesh / Ganesha again

Click, it gets bigger.

Vleeptron is mucho annoyed & frustrated that we can't find a clearer Ganesh poster from Khatmandu's Eden Hashish Centre. But here's Ganesh, also called Ganesha, the Hindu elephant-head God, sitting on his throne. Notice his mouse steed, Mooshika, at bottom right.

From Wikipedia (I hope they don't mind that I cleaned up their spelling and grammar):

Ganesha has two Siddhis (symbolically represented as wives or consorts): Siddhi (success) and Riddhi (prosperity). It is widely belived that "Wherever there is Ganesh, there is Success and Prosperity" and "Wherever there is Success and Prosperity, there is Ganesh."

Which is why Ganesh is believed to be the harbinger of good fortune, and he is invoked first at any ritual or ceremony. Whether it is diwali puja, a new house, a new vehicle, or students praying before the exams, or people praying before job interviews, it is Ganesha they pray to, because it is believed that he will come to their aid and grant them sucess in their endeavor.

Ganesha is worshipped as Vinayak (knowledgeable) and Vighneshwer (remover of obstacles). It is believed that he blesses those who meditate upon him. Ganesha, in astrology, is believed to help people know what can be achieved and what cannot be.

About Mooshika, Ganesh's mouse:

The mouse (mooshika) is a symbol of darkness. Because Vinaayaka [another name for Ganesh] has control over the darkness, He is described as the rider on a mouse (mooshika). The mouse is also a symbol of the sense of smell. It moves about following the direction of the smell (vaasana). Vinaayaka is the One who has mastery over our Vaasanas, that is desires and ignorance (represented by mooshika).


Blogger Mamagiggle said...

Ganesh is mouse mahout.

Blogger Mamagiggle said...

also here is my Ganesh art, he is 4 of wands, means like group project, adventure undertaken by team.
Me talk like jane of jungle.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

I've always admired your Tarot card series. I should think about contributing one.

George of the Jungle is married to the gorgeous Ursula. Ursula has an equally gorgeous sister. George calls her "Fella."

Most movie Tarzans speak monosylabically -- in the original book, the orphan baby Tarzan finds children's books his parents left behind, and teaches himself to read and speak English, don't ask me how.

But a few movie Tarzans speak fully and eloquently. Ron Ely did Tarzan on TV from 1966 to 1969 and his Tarzan spoke English better than I do.

One time Tarzan beat up some nasty crooks who'd been doing Bad Things in his jungle. He took their rifles and pointed one of them at the crooks to march them back to civilization and the cops. As they began marching, Tarzan said:

"Any move you make will be misunderstood by me."

Blogger Mamagiggle said...

"Any move you make will be misunderstood by me."
then you say, ".....

man those word verifications are killer when yer simplified....


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