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30 June 2005

the Vleeptron card and/or t-shirt

Instructions for Vleeptron Card:

1. Click on the image to see a larger version. If the result of a printout of the larger version of the two sides of a business card is actually 9 cm wide by 5 cm high, that will be an authentic Religious Miracle. Go directly to Step 3.

2. Otherwise, with the rectangle borders still there, shrink or enlarge so the card is 9 cm wide by 5 cm high.

3. Get rid of the rectangle borders. Photocopy on many different bright colors of card stock. Distribute liberally to friends, acquaintances, colleagues, strangers, government officials, journalists, movie stars, outer space aliens, undocumented aliens.

4. Image also suitable for t-shirts.


Blogger Amy said...

How about logo thong undies?

Or perhaps a hat (sorry, it doesn't have BOB stitched into it, and it didn't come from near the Yellowstone Caldera)

Or shirt :)

Blogger Amy said...

I'm just dumb! Or tired...or having a moment...


Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Are these amazing things actual physical tangible objects that share our everyday reality with us and can be worn on our torsos, our heads, and where ordinary frilly ladies' undies are worn?

I am in awe of you.

Let me know if people say anything. As for the frillies, let me know if Mike says anything.

Lately I've been wearing a pair of fire-engine-red silk panties that say TUESDAY on them. Since my wife found them in my car.

(That joke was found carved on a ziggurat in Mesopotamia around 2900 BC.)


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